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Innovative Armed-T Technology for Cancer Treatment

Technology Overview

  • Professor Kuang-Hsiang Chuang and his team at CytoArms Biotechnology developed the Armed-T technology.
  • Unlike traditional CAR-T therapy, Armed-T does not require viral gene modification.
  • T-cells are directly equipped with personalized anti-cancer armor.
  • These Armed-T cells effectively recognize and attack tumors.
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Clinical Trials and Potential Impact

  • The product CTA-02, based on Armed-T technology, is entering phase I clinical trials.
  • It has the potential to challenge the current leading CAR-T immunotherapy.
  • Professor Chuang emphasizes the life-saving potential of this technology for cancer patients.

Entrepreneurial Journey

  • The team faced challenges related to funding and patent strategies.
  • Industry mentors, including Chen Kuei-Heng, Tang Chun-Chun, and Hsieh Chih-Hung, provided crucial guidance.
  • Their expertise helped the team establish a company and move toward clinical applications.
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