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Professor Kuang-Hsiang Chuang brings new hope to cancer treatment

Pioneering Armed-T Technology for Cancer Treatment

Professor Kuang-Hsiang Chuang, leading the team at CytoArms Biotechnology, has pioneered a dual-functional antibody-armed T-cell (Armed-T) technology platform that brings new hope to cancer treatment. This technology does not require viral gene modification; instead, it allows T-cells to directly wear personalized anti-cancer armor, effectively identifying and attacking tumors1.

Extensive Applications and Clinical Trials of CTA-02

The potential applications of this technology are extensive. The product CTA-02, which is about to enter phase I clinical trials, may even challenge the current leading CAR-T immunotherapy for tumor treatment. Professor Chuang emphasizes, “We have found that this technology can truly save lives, and we hope it will be used in clinical practice to help cancer patients.”

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Overcoming Challenges in the Entrepreneurial Journey

During the entrepreneurial process, the team faced various challenges, including funding and patent layout. Fortunately, the guidance of industry mentors filled the gaps in their industry experience, giving them the confidence to establish the company and advance this technology toward clinical applications. The expertise and guidance of mentors Chen Kuei-Heng, Tang Chun-Chun, and Hsieh Chih-Hung were critical to their success

Inspiration and Further Exploration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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